Flowing In Strength

flowing in strength logo

New logo, collateral, Mailchimp template and web for a healer offering MAT and MET bodywork, personal training, yoga, and tai chi.

The dramatic black-and-white photography is played against the illuminating orange of the brand to speak to the way owner Chad Koch uses his unique skill set to reveal the cause his clients’ pain or lack of function.

The Center for Change and Healing

Set in a wooded area in Burr RIdge, IL, CCH offers psychotherapy and self-development services.

The brand is part brain, part tree, speaking to the client’s strong desire to reflect the center’s woodsy surroundings and the strong roots they help to create for individuals, their families and their communities. The previous logo was a tree in a literal rendering.

The double gatefold brochure reveals the CCH brand and story in curated segments. The web uses carefully selected photographic material to reveal the wealth of influences inherent to the client’s approach while maintaining a hopeful outlook.

Cooper Cottages

Cooper Cottages were built in the 1930s and have been lovingly maintained over almost a century by three generations of the Cooper family. They are one of the last surviving examples of how vacationers first enjoyed the beaches of Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Reopened in July 2021, the cottages underwent a complete renovation designed to bring together the best in coastal comfort, the quaintness of the beach community, and mid-century vintage accents that honor the legacy of these historic cottages.

The brand captures the coastal location with a stylized, upscale vintage appeal in line with the renovations. In its simplicity, it evokes a nostalgia for the carefree days of less troubled times. The colors were drawn from the decor, which drew inspiration from vintage postcards of the area.

The website delivers a rich brand experience. It took its first booking while the site was still in development.


hfk logo

Identity for a law firm seeking a more modern approach than typically seen in this conservative niche.

Judy Klein Design

Identity and web (in development) for an interior designer seeking a minimalist look.

Birch Forest Children’s Therapy Center

Birch forest logo

Like the parent organization, Center for Change and Healing, The Birch Forest identity takes a hopeful tone on children’s mental health.

Appealing, distinctive colors and a modern storybook approach are at the foundation of the website.

Backs are left blank on the cards to allow for a personal message.

Disability Awareness

da logo

Brand and related collateral for an organization promoting the rights of disabled persons.

The client has Cerebral Palsy and is non-verbal so all work was done online.

Also included here, the logo for the assisted living facility where my DA client lives.

Vaquita Intelligence

What do you do when your tech recruiter client’s spirit animal is a soon-to-be-extinct porpoise called a vaquita?

Here, the metaphor is leveraged to speak to prospects (not just another fish in the sea) and clients, accentuating the skill and ability (akin to the echolocation porposies use) to find the right candidate for them.