Adeszko, Abate & Green

Logo and submark for a personal injury law firm looking for a polished, conservative look.

Coyne Reinke Law

Logo refresh, submark and new website for a personal injury law firm looking for a contemporary but conservative look.

Bell & Shah

Updated logo and website for a Chicago law firm. Modern, customer-focused, and very differentiating.

Hit That Noggin

hit that noggin logo

Hit That Noggin is an IT consulting company for healthcare organizations on the Oracle Cerner platform.

The challenge was to bring this oddly named company into its niche while maintaining its uniqueness.

Deliverables included new identity, brand statement, brand guidelines, value message framework, business system, double gatefold brochure (shown here in its digital delivery format), conference booth, powerpoint template and website.

I worked with the client to create new messaging as well as the design deliverables.

The before and after here is really stark. The previous logo and web can be seen here.

Disco Airlines

Being a designer has its perks.

Mile High Holiday on Disco Airlines was one of a long string of Disco-themed events I created, and probably the most elaborate in terms of collateral.

An email with themed banner announced the theme to invited guests.

I designed and had printed plastic branded airline wings pins for guests, who were met with a recruitment display featuring Rick James and asked to choose their role for the flight: Cabin Dispute Mediator (prescient in 2015); Beverage Cart Marshall; First Class Fluffer; Upright Position Analyst; Inflatable Slide Wrangler; Dance Floor Traffic Control; or SkyGroove Archivist.

SkyGroove is the in-flight magazine of Disco Airlines. It included a mock safety card and a sky mall trying to offload previous party props, among its amusements.

Inside, the apartment windows were ringed in rope lights, as was the hallway floor, and a miniature Concord jet branded with Disco Airlines and liberally festooned with rhinestones rotated from a discoball suspended from a chandelier, sending shards of light around the room.

A plywood bar was repurposed for the umpteenth time, this time as an airline checkin counter, and staffed with a uniformed bartender.

Party food was served in compostable airline trays. Guests also received their cocktails in branded plastic cups with napkins and branded packages of nuts.

Retail Rewards

This product launch told the story of a new and improved technology product designed to do away with the old incentive rewards catalog. The story was told in the form of a hilarious mock funeral that lampooned the old rewards catalog as it put it to rest.

The audience in the video is comprised of friends and employees coached on the shoot day. A local funeral home allowed us to shoot at their facility for free, and even saved us some half-dead flowers.

The video was made for a lavish video mailer with 7″ LCD screen sent to executive stakeholders.

The live-action video — featuring Will Clinger — was so well received some clients also used it to launch the product internally.

Deliverables included creative direction, design, writing for script and packaging, location scouting, prop styling and video editing. I hired Orchard Productions to shoot and co-direct the video, and they also generously provided makeup for Will Clinger.

The product launch was supported by a slew of printed and digital marketing support collateral.

Women’s Injury Law Group

wilg logo

Brand identity for Women’s Injury Law Group, a law firm dedicated to serving people harmed by others’ negligence. The unusual color scheme and minimalist web design play up the innovative brand trait.

Arm TechCon

Working with an agency partner, I provided art direction, content & design for Arm TechCon 2019, in its 15th anniversary. Deliverables included:

  • Digital art direction
  • Audience acquisition email campaign, writing & design
  • Engagement toolkits for speakers, sponsors & employees
  • Social media banners and ads
  • Program book & other print collateral
  • Arm website artwork & event website page heroes and copy

Seaboard Hospitality

Identity redesign, business collateral to include digital letterhead, email signature, cards, mailchimp template and website.
Seaboard Hospitality manages independent, top-rated hotels and vacation properties in coastal destinations. It is family-owned and operated, now in its fourth generation.