Lynne Lasser creative communications has provided fresh communication solutions to business and creative agencies since 1998.

LLcc helps clients engage their audiences, define their brands, earn new business, and fulfill communications initiatives from concept to delivery.


“Work your magic.”

That’s what my clients say when they want to reinvigorate a brand, make their marketing collateral sing, move an audience to believe, or position themselves to win new business.

We’ve all got a little magic to offer, and mine is simply this: I conceptualize, write and design, often at the same time, to create communications that are uniquely powerful and compelling because of the undiluted focus with which they’re created.

Lynne Lasser creative communications (LLcc) is a one-stop shop for creative projects such as business presentations, brand identity, meeting, incentive & event communications, product launch, packaging and a host of tailored marketing tools and initiatives.

I’m happy to contribute whatever services you need in the manner that best complements your team, delivers your message, strengthens your business relationships and provides the best value for your budget.


LLcc clients appreciate having a single point of contact from concept through execution. It saves management time and speeds delivery.

I offer communications consulting, strategic positioning, content strategy, brand design and management, creative direction, art direction, fine design and copywriting – all together or on demand. My work spans print and digital media.

I’m happy to contribute whatever you need, whenever you need it, alongside your team or with my own.

When services are needed beyond those I provide, I employ and manage other independent creative professionals and small creative shops that specialize in the task at hand. To the benefit of my clients, I never mark up third-party creative costs.

I work hand-in-hand with a diverse clientele in sectors such as politics, healthcare, technology, automotive, hospitality, insurance, finance, professional associations and entrepreneurs. I also work closely with agencies and production companies to help them with their own marketing needs and those of their clients, and have a number of longstanding relationships in this niche (and a proposal success rate of better than 90% over the last three years).


These snapshots highlight the quality and diversity of my work. Looking for something specific? Contact me.

This product launch told the story of a new and improved technology product in the form of a hilarious mock funeral that put the old one to rest. It was used in a lavish video mailer with 7″ LCD screen. The live-action video – shot in a funeral home and featuring Will Clinger – was so well received some clients also used it to launch the product internally.

Deliverables included creative direction, design, writing for script and packaging, location scouting, prop styling and video editing. I hired Orchard Productions to shoot and co-direct the video, and they also generously provided makeup for Will Clinger.

Identity work, including writing, design and programming for web where noted.


ID for a law firm with offices across the country.

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ID for a yoga therapist specializing in scoliosis and back care. Created the name and tagline as well — a challenge in an extremely crowded yoga marketplace.


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Logo for an assisted living facility for persons with disability. This, the Disability Awareness logo and the Delaware ABLE logo all lend a sunny personality to the subject of disability. 


Logo for an organization advocating for inclusion for persons with disability. Founder Chris Lenart is non-verbal, so all collaboration on the ID, web and business collateral was conducted via email.


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The challenge here was to create an identity and brand story for an IT search and recruitment company based on the owner’s love of the vaquita, a now-extinct porpoise.



Identities to brand or re-brand the state of Delaware’s retirement savings plan and ABLE plan, including names and taglines.

Marketing communications for Arm TechCon. Deliverables included writing and design of marketing emails, postcard handout/emailer, web copy, digital engagement, customized marketing toolkits for employees, speakers and sponsors, and the conference guide.





Marketing communications for Cargill’s inaugural CFO Forum. Deliverables included naming the event and creating its logo and establishing the marketing campaign, which included web, email, print and onsite signage and related collateral.

Incentive marketing campaign for Microsoft Surface featuring individual travel awards for top performers. Deliverables included theme, a custom retro flyer, scratch-off card, email communications, powerpoint template, interactive awards piece and pole signs. LLcc provided consulting, creating direction, art direction, writing, design and production.

Identity and slogan for a successful political campaign. 

You’d be hard pressed to find an identity for a Republican candidate for any public office that does not use stars, stripes, or some combination of red, white & blue. The Simpler Campaign uses colors drawn from the Delaware state flag and a modern approach to design that was geared to be receptive to this predominantly blue state’s voters, while adding to name recognition with its simplicity.

I also offered the tagline, Let’s Make It Simpler, to replace the campaign’s suggested tagline. A newcomer to politics, Ken won the State Treasurer race by an impressive margin.

State Treasurer’s Booth for the Delaware State Fair. Certified all beef, no bull! The Office of the State Treasurer wanted to rebrand existing State Fair booth materials to create a professional tone but also a fun approach that would suit the context and welcome visitors to engage. The risk paid off: the cow booth was a huge hit with state employees and visitors alike.  

In the client’s words: “I just want to say that you are just super impressive – this was so totally out of the box, and it is just so spot on for this group of people – Really!  –Martie”

Identity and collateral for a business that helps international students get the most from their education through acculturation and related services. The symbol and color were carefully chosen to reference positive and meaningful associations in Chinese culture. 

Identity for an historic seaside resort in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, that began as a restaurant. After interior renovations, the owners felt a disconnect with the old signpost logo. The new logo is sufficiently abstract to be read as an avenue or a sailboat.

Incentive program marketing for a group headed to Ireland.

For this client’s first international travel award, we sought to engage by bringing the friendliness of the Irish people to the fore, while reinforcing the key messages of prestige, attainability and reward experience worth the effort. 

This robust communications program included a launch video highlighting Ireland from the vantage point of an Irish bartender; an announcement brochure; a monthly “Portrait of Ireland” limerick contest in which participants were given a photo of an Irish person from which to base their limerick; dimensional items including an Irish wishing stone, Luck of the Irish tiny book and custom dress-up magnet attended by cards shaped like clovers with limericks highlighting the dimensional item; a desktop standup; and website.



My work has appeared in 87 countries, in French, German, Japanese and Chinese, and includes work for clients such as BMW, Jaguar Cars, Kia, Motorola, Lexus, CDW, Microsoft, HP, Cargill, Citadel Investment Group and Citadel Private Investments, Roche, Amgen, Eli Lilly, Siemens, Knights of Columbus, TD Ameritrade, The LaSalle Network, PCMA, and the State of Delaware, among others. I also work with small business entrepreneurs, law firms, political candidates, and a variety of creative and marketing agency clients.

In the words of my clients…

“Hey Lynne, Just wanted to let you know, our presentation was very well received, due in no small part to your refined and excellent visual design. We’ve got a ways to go before we know the outcome, but thank you for jumping into this project two days out! I’ll look forward to the next chance to work together.”

“OMG! I’m loving your design of the new biz preso. You are a FABULOUS designer. Where have you been all my corporate life?”

“WOW Lynne! You hit it out of the park with this! Love it!! Can’t wait to start sending it out. “

“Very cool to see us stretch ourselves like this but stay on point. Makes me feel like we’re playing with the big boys.”

“First and foremost . . . I bow down to your genius!! The RetailRewards™ video/marketing piece is outstanding. We debuted it with (clients’ names redacted) yesterday and today and the client response was very positive. It really resonated and opened up a great dialog…Thanks so much for continuing to bring such creativity and innovation!!”

“This is visually stunning and love the effective layout. Thank you!!”

“Thanks so much for making this happen in such a short timeframe – don’t know what we would have done without you!”

“Feedback on the videos? They were great! Everyone is excited about the programs and the questions started flowing :)”

“Love it! You are so smart you make my hair hurt!”

“So Lynne, we love your designs, we love working with you because you understand the client’s needs and you’re strategic in your work. You were a life saver yesterday and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you jumping in at the last minute and getting all of this done so quickly. It looks Amazing.”


“As always – you are AWESOME!! Thanks for pulling this off, Lynne.”

“I want to shout how much I admire and appreciate your talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Thanks, Lynne, for helping to navigate us through this thicket.”

“This is really impressive. Well done.”

“Lynne – you are truly a pro. Excellent job!”

“Dave will do a great job with your direction. You’ve done so much with so little. Keep it rolling… “

“It’s spectacular! Beautiful, beautiful job!”

“You are the BEST! Thanks for the quick turnaround. Much appreciated.”

“It’s Thanksgiving week and in thinking about what I’m thankful for, I wanted to be sure to reach out and thank you for all you’ve done over the years for us! Our relationship is unique, thoroughly enjoyable and one we are truly grateful for.”

“​It’s beautiful and we’ve been receiving massive kudos on it – thanks to your amazing talent. Thank you so much for making us/me look like a rockstar!”

“Hey there zippy! Awesome job on the presentation!! I love seeing fresh ideas rather than drudging through our normal templates. It really looks great!”

Hi Lynne – I’ve said it a few times to Jesse, but would be remiss if I didn’t reach out to you as well. The piece you’ve helped create looks amazing. I know the Pega client will be amazed when we present it to them. Thank you so much for your hard work in pulling it all together! I can’t wait to see the final produced piece!

“Hi – I love what you did to the deck! Very compelling, good use of a bad color palette and the story line works.”

“I checked out the website this morning and it looks awesome.  Please extend our thanks to Marcus for his contributions. I looked up the website on my desktop and my smart phone and it goes beyond my expectations. I am going to reach out to all of my personal friends and those who have donated to our organization and brag about the results. We respect and thank you for making a difference.

“The meeting was a huge success and we got many compliments on the presentation.Thank you so much for your creative skills, your suggestions and your patience and availability during the process.”

“I just want to say that you are just super impressive – this was so totally out of the box, and it is just so spot on for this group of people – Really!” 

“Just wanted to write you a quick note thanking you for jumping on these themes so quickly. I believe we are heading in the right direction. Your expertise and talent is shining through on this first pass.”

“Thanks for all your great work on these RFPs..I’m hoping we get more marketing work to keep expanding our services and need for additional creative support.”

“Thanks! It works perfectly! Getting lots of compliments! I am very pleased with the results of your lovely work! It was an awesome process from day one!

“Just wanted to send a quick note as we are getting ready to go on-site in a couple of days for Chairman’s Circle. I am so pleased with the way the entire print campaign came together and I know Teri will be excited when she sees all of the finished pieces as well. Thank you for your hard work, creativity and flexibility on this.”