Retail Rewards

This product launch told the story of a new and improved technology product designed to do away with the old incentive rewards catalog. The story was told in the form of a hilarious mock funeral that lampooned the old rewards catalog as it put it to rest.

The audience in the video is comprised of friends and employees coached on the shoot day. A local funeral home allowed us to shoot at their facility for free, and even saved us some half-dead flowers.

The video was made for a lavish video mailer with 7″ LCD screen sent to executive stakeholders.

The live-action video — featuring Will Clinger — was so well received some clients also used it to launch the product internally.

Deliverables included creative direction, design, writing for script and packaging, location scouting, prop styling and video editing. I hired Orchard Productions to shoot and co-direct the video, and they also generously provided makeup for Will Clinger.

The product launch was supported by a slew of printed and digital marketing support collateral.